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You don’t have to look like an alien, when you go to other worlds when Mimi’s Choice is there πŸ™‚
This is my first picture made in INWORLDZ (yes, I need model poses lol)
Are you a fantastic creator with nice designs? You want to extend your business to other worlds too? Please contact me πŸ™‚
Some famous brands joined me already, like REDGRAVE, DE DESIGNS, LOLLIPOPZ hair, NOON shapes, SF DESIGN, ALA FOLIE, .::2XTREME::., JADOR, iNEDIT, ORAGE CREATIONS, ETC

BIG OPENING THIS SATURDAY 27TH AUGUST, with famous artists like Amleth McCallen, Jonas Lunasea, etc.
You can already make your account here : inworldz.com/register.php
Don’t worry, if you look like a newbie …. be a pioneer…. a sim is cheap…. people are friendly and helpful…
Stay tuned…



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