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Bringing the best brands , like Redgrave shapes, skins, eyes, clothes, shoes.

I’m ready for a new adventure ! I’ll open my business in INWORLDZ, a new virtual world.

Why? Well it’s a challange, and people here are real pioneers, they are all so nice and helpful.
If you like to belong to a nice community, if you like to build, play with prims, socialize…. try Inworldz out.
A sim is cheap, only 75 $ a month, and the good thing is, you get 45.000 prims !!!! Yep 45.000 to play with. I’m sure I will never use them all 🙂
I hope to see you next Saturday, 27th Aug at the opening of MIMI’S CHOICE . Don’t worry, if you look like a newbie, let’s have a newbie party then, always fun !!
Make an account inworldz.com/register.php
Offer me friendship and join my group: Mimi’s Choice update group
(my sim is still closed till Saturday 27th at 12 pm)



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